Today I want to share what it's like to go grocery shopping for a family of 12, and my friends, it's a lot of heavy lifting.

I'm a stickler for as little processed food as possible. Seriously, if I could, I'd grow my own produce, jar it up and stick it away for the winter, I'd do it. I actually have done this in my not so distant past, but I'd literally need my own farm to grow enough food for my brood.

So all things considered, I shop in bulk for quite a number of things like:

Raw sugar (50 lb bag)
Unbleached flour (50 lb bag
Himalayan salt (4 lb bag)
Brown rice (50 lb bag)
Baking soda (25 lb bag)
Prairie Gold wheat berries (50 lb bag)
Popcorn kernels (50 lb bag)

We do most of our baking and cooking from scratch, and these are things that we have to have on hand most of the time. 

We shop for meats for a few weeks at a time and produce once weekly. 

For us, buying in bulk beats going to the grocery store hands down! Sometimes, we can actually catch a really good sale where it pans out, but for the most part, we save more and get more going to our local Mennonite market to get what we need. 

We also stock up on our dried herbs, seasonings and coffee (because life requires flavor and I require coffee). We don't ever buy the mixed seasonings that contain salt, sugar and often msg and other junk. I find it much more cost effective to purchase a bunch of peppers (chili, paprika, black, and well you get the idea), turmeric, cumin, and spices to season as opposed to pre-made seasonings. 

I lean toward purchasing items that have simple ingredients.

Beans are another staple. Here I have some of them, but I'll be refilling the jars after yesterday's grocery run. Pantry's in the basement. Out of sight...out of mind. I need to relabel, but its just not my priority. 😀

So, after a grand shopping trip yesterday, we're now stocked up and ready to create some yummy stuff, so I'll be posting some of our food creations for you as I feed this family of 12. 

Stay lovely!

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