Hey everyone! Well, after Falcons Friday and a superb Superbowl 51 game, I found myself super disappointed that the Patriots took the Lombardi home. Though the Falcons gave them ridiculously great warrior fight through most of the game, it just wasn't enough to make that win.

You'd think I was a football fan.

Not really. The thing is that when I was a little girl, I saw how much my dad loved football, the Redskins, in fact. I wanted to be close to him, so I sat with him on Sundays and watched the games.

I'd ask a lot of questions about rules, terminology and history.

Understanding what my dad liked would give me a chance to converse with him. It was a chance for a daddy daughter connection. From that, I sort of inherited the Skins as my team.

That all ended when I realized that having the Redskins as a team didn't make sense (check out their stats and see for yourself).

When I left home, I'd still drive up to see my dad (about 45 minutes) so that I could watch those Redskins games with him.

Then, I married a Redskins fan.

Oh, and did I mention, my mother in law is a Redskins fan. My grandparents (maternal AND paternal) were Redskins fans. So let's just say that it was in my better interest to keep it quiet that...

I am NOT a Redskins fan (anymore).

So while I'm not really a football FAN, I am a football game supporter. Even better, I'm a member of the football supportive wife, mom and daughter club (that would be FSWMD). Woot woot to anyone who can relate.

During football season, I support five boys who are fans of five different teams, and yesterday,  I supported one of those boys when I cheered on the Falcons.

I made the food for big game. I went all Southern on the fam with Shrimp and Grits.

But it wasn't enough because by the mid fourth quarter, I went from grinning from ear to ear, while chatting and munching on snacks to this.

So, while the game is over and we FSWMD members are officially off until August, I'll be spending the next few days mending the wounds of my Falcons fan. #ATL!

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