No matter what you do, there always seems to be someone who's going to talk about you. You know, bring in a negative vibe that's not to help anything. When it's someone you really care about, it can put a dent in your heart.

I can completely identify with what it feels like to have people I care about roll out the disappointment banners because of our differences. Sometimes it could be your beliefs while other times it could be your decision to move away. I get it.

A Quick Story...

When my husband and I got married, we wanted to have five children. He comes from a family where it was him mom and brother, while I come from a family where there was my mother, father and two siblings. Five children was something that my husband and I both wanted and agreed on.

I have to admit. I enjoy my children, at all of their ages and stages of life. I loved the first ones so much that after having our "set five," I wanted more. So as of 2013, my five doubled to ten children, and while it's been busy, sometimes very hard, and other times I've wanted to flap my lips with my hand and make weird noises, there is absolutely no way I regret having my 10 children any day of the week. They bring me so much joy!

However, everybody in my family hasn't been quite as joyful about us having 10 children. When there were only five little peppers in my home, my husband and I lived closer to family. There were comments made and many, many times when our family would stop by to visit certain family members. My husband and I couldn't very rarely get a family member to babysit for a couple of hours to have an occasional date night. I seemed to be the person who was silently voted to watch other people's children and was never invited to the party.

No joke.

What Do You Do When Your Family Doesn't Support You?

I want to encourage you to keep your head up when you're faced with people who won't support your greater plan in life. It's not an easy road, but here are five things that you can do to help yourself through when your family doesn't support your mission.

1. Make sure you're really okay with what you're doing. For me, I pray. My husband and I often have conversations about how much of a blessing it is to have so many children who love, honor, and would literally do anything for you. 

2. Always set off a negative comment with a positive one. It really gives people less to say. When someone says something ridiculous like, "Wow! Why so many?" I smile and say, because I'll always have someone to take care of me."

3. Remember everything isn't for everybody. Everyone doesn't run a business, have the same beliefs, or like the same types of food. Yet, it is possible to listen to the experiences of others without taking offense or getting angry. Let them be them while you practice being you a little more. (Sometimes just a little nodding and smiling will make them go away. They'll realize you really don't care.)

4. Understand that people will talk. It's actually inevitable. Just be sure your positive guns are loaded when the comments are aimed at you.

5. Find your support system and spend time building it. Everyone isn't against you. Find people who you have common interests with, people who are doing the same things. It will really help you get through the other stuff.

Hey, it boils down to this. Your mission in life is really yours. Everyone won't understand why you're doing what you do, and they don't have to. But when times get tough and you feel discouraged about the lack of support, these are things that have really helped me through.  I hope they help you.

Stay lovely!


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