Happy Valentine's Day! Mexican is my most favorite cuisine, hands down. Combinations of chilies, lime, cilantro, garlic and onion make me squirm in my seat! Warm and inviting meals always come from a Mexican kitchen, and today's the perfect day to share some of my favorite foods from one of my favorite food bloggers, Maggie Unzueta, from Mama Maggie's Kitchen.

(Not a photo of Maggie Unzueta's delicious cooking, but looking quite tasty nevertheless!)

The truth is that Maggie has authentic Mexican cuisine running through her veins and has been making me crazy hungry, daily, with her posts and endless "try this" tweets.

See what I mean?

Might I also say that if you're thinking that when I say authentic  that I mean your grocery store taco shell stuffed with meat and veggies. Not! We're talking the real deal here, and once you go authentic, you'll cry when you see that naco (not your real taco) stuff.

Maggie makes everything so creepin' easy that you can't help but want to grab some fresh goodies, get your pots and start making some Mexican excellence happen in your kitchen.

So, if you're still pondering over what to make the love(s) in your life (ok, like I have 11 over here). You may want to head over and gather the ingredients for something 'fantastic' from Maggie's Kitchen. For me, it's gonna be Camarones al Diabla (I'm squirming again).


  1. And here I thought my husband was going to do something special for me on Valentine's Day.... :D Thank you! I owe you some tamales.


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