Hey, everyone! This last week, I've been unloading lots of vintage jewelry that my husband brought in for me to scavenge through. It's been so tempting to keep a lot of these pieces, but I promised myself that I'd scale down a little. That's so hard to do since I can, honestly, come up with more than one purpose I'd use them for.

Whatever the case, I'm purging and my loss is your gain. I've been selling many of my vintage pieces at a really low price, simply because I need them in a new home fast! So I paired many pieces with candles (to show off both a little) and loved how it turned out.

I hope you enjoy this bit of the jewelry and candle collection that I've posted on Instagram. I also have a few pics on Facebook, if you want to scoot over there and check those out.

This was part of an intro that we're doing for our new products coming out in a couple of weeks. It was an exciting pic for me because it was a chance to show somewhat of a sneak peek of what's to come. I'm expecting it to be pretty, simple, and quite different from what we did the last two product releases.

Neutrals, you have to love them. Some people look at neutral colors as boring, but I see a canvas waiting to be painted. This vintage belt adds just the right amount drama with it's gold and silver leather and crazy medallions. Matched perfectly with our new gold room freshener bottles and strudel and spice dessert candle. The vintage hammered earrings make a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

More drama here. These Ivanka Trump heels and fur pop over scarf add nice texture to this photo, which is something I absolutely love to do in an outfit. The vintage watch (by Avon) is something I added for a touch of rhinestone bling. Then there's the cinnamon bun cupcake candle that I thought blended in really nicely with the neutrals I had going on here.

Chocolate covered strawberries anyone? I was just about to take these strawberry wax melts in for dipping into their chocolatey wax when I thought about how cute they looked in the glass. So I went for a bit of bling with the earrings and this statement bib necklace. Love this necklace!

This one is pic I had on Facebook. I included it here because it's more neutrals, a touch of elegance, and the cake slice candle is a very popular candle for us. Honestly, you'll usually find me doing neutrals and then I'll do something crazy like add some texture or something.

I hope you liked this roundup. Check out the links and catch some of the vintage jewelry pieces. I've been surprised at how many of you guys have really been snatching them up.

Have an awesome weekend!

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