The kitchen is truly the heart of my home. My girls and I are always finding new dishes to create in the kitchen, and everyone else in the house is always ready and willing to serve as the judging panel. We love trying copycat recipes like Chic Fil A nuggets and KFC gravy.

Well sometimes our copycat recipes come out like we're true superstars, and other times we end up with fails. 

Over the weekend, I stepped out on a leap of faith. After looking, (and drooling), at the recipes over at my friend Maggie Unzuetta's blog, I decided that I absolutely had to have that Carne Asada Fries that she posted. 

Photo Credit: Mama Maggie's Kitchen

I told Maggie I'd be trying her recipe this week after I couldn't get any ripe avocado to do it last week. So I headed back to the store this week and what did I find? Ripe avocado!

I gathered all of my ingredients, and since I serve 12, I did some serious ingredient multiplying. Tomatoes, beef, tons of avocado, and jalapeno (because we're jalapeno nuts over here), and a few other ingredients and I was ready to take on the challenge.

One other thing that I should mention here. I have a serious problem with following recipes. I've never been good with it. As a teen, I got a D in Home Ec just because I didn't follow the recipe to a tee. So I'm recipe challenged, an improviser (sometimes just plain lazy), but you get the idea.

Having said that, Maggie used steak in her recipe. I decided to go for a big lump of meat in the area of uhhh roast. Okay, so I know that wasn't quite a good idea because the texture wasn't going to be the same. I was right.

Still, I put a lot of love into that meat with high hopes that I'd get some deliciousness from it. I also opted not to get the crinkly fries and went for the straight cut. We fried those mamas crispy and I followed the rest of the recipe.

When everything was all put together, I ended up with more of a shredded beef than chunky or sliced beef. All things considered, I wish I'd just saved my lazy day and went for the steak. 

On a good note, despite my changes, it was quite tasty! 

Oh! Here, you can see, I also added some shredded cheese on top (because I wanted to hide all of my mistakes in the recipe). 

If you want to take a shot at Maggie's Carne Asada Fries a try, you can check out the recipe on her blog here. As for me, I won't give up. If it was as delicious as it was with the lump of meat, I'm definitely going for the steak next time.

Stay lovely!

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