Happy February 1! Today is the first official day that we've started working on revamping my studio space for my 30 Day Studio Shape Up Challenge. There is so much work to be done in there that it's feeling like it's going to be an impossible task.

Impossible feels defeating, but I can't let this project break me. I need my space to be work conducive and not the hot mess that it's been.

First thing I probably should share is that my studio is currently in my garage, so we were working in coats because it's brrr in there. Bulky coats didn't really give us the flexibility in movement that we'd have liked, but once we got warmed up we were able to shed some layers and move around more.

We spent a couple of hours working on packing up things we wouldn't be using for awhile and purging things we'd no longer need. I mean stuff was everywhere!

Here's what it looked like after we got rid of a lot of the clutter.


We still have a good way to go with just the decluttering part, but I'm trying to stay focused so that I don't get discouraged. Then I'm more likely to make drastic decisions that won't be the best overall choice for my area.

To keep motivated, I'm still collecting Pinterest images to give me a nice visual of what I can do with this space. If I can stay focused and get past the dirty work, I have my favorite part to look forward to...the decorating. 

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