Hey everyone! Today's the day that we introduce our newest product line for Everything Dawn Bakery Candle Treats.

The past few months have been inspiring, but also amazingly challenging as we've tried to come up with ideas for, not just a theme, but products that give the theme life!

So what we did was we made our theme, "By the Countryside."

This theme was all of why I ended up going up and down country roads gathering all the inspiration I could. That's not exactly easy in the winter when grass is dead and not a flower is in bloom. I had to use quite a bit of imagination.

What I came up with is something that's clean and farmhousey with a touch of unique intertwined.

I have started putting some pics on the Instagram feed, but I'll post a few here, for those of you who don't have an Instagram.

We're scheduled to have our official release by 5 pm this evening, but here's a little bit of what you'll see in this spring line. These are actually clickable pics, if you want to check out the pages.

We really wanted to bring the down home country to this product line, so we brought in more of a feel with brand new home decor and kitchen items to accent our fake baked and candles perfectly. What do you think?

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