Working from home with your kids has its advantages and its disadvantages. I've found that one of the most difficult things about working from home, with my children in the house,  is scheduling the time to get everything done.

For me, putting time in for work can often mean late hours and a late night cup of coffee to keep me functioning. I have to be honest, I try not to do the late night thing. It just leads to later mornings and bags under my eyes (yuck)! 

With so many things on my plate: homeschooling, house cleaning, candle company, jewelry scouting, and just life itself, I have to have time to unwind, or there's gonna be some trouble in the camp.

Despite all of the technical things that you could read over and over again on, pretty much, any family blog, I'll tell you three things that work best for me in trying to keep all of these things together.

1. Some Things I Just Have To Keep Light. I'm sorry, but my house is really not a "serious" house. We're always doing really silly things, so you can usually hear a loud burst of laughter at any point throughout the house. With the tensions that business can sometimes bring, keeping things light helps us to have more fun in what we do.

2. I Have To Involve Everyone. Running a business is a learning experience, so everyone has a job. Even my little ones are willing to help with small things, such as picking things up from the floor and  putting things away. You'd be surprised at how happy they are to help out!


3. I Reward Hard Work. Now. I have to be honest. I'm not one who gives rewards every time something is done because I firmly believe that my children need to learn the concept of work without always getting a return. I've found that always giving something in return for their work makes them expect something. Instead, they get an idea of how their jobs are a very important part of the way our family functions. Getting periodic rewards, instead, helps me when teaching them to be responsible and keeps them from feeling entitled.

Just a few little things that help me keep the ship running smoothly. With all the things going on over here, I'd better do something. What do you do to keep all facets intact?

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