A signature perfume scent is something that sends a signal of maturity, being "put together" even. It's one very special element of a woman, outside of her character, that makes her presence memorable. A woman's signature scent stands out and lingers in the air, even when she's moved on. It's the indication that she's been there.

So many times, I've gone through scents trying to find that "one" scent that makes me linger in a room. I mean, who doesn't want to have that distinct "I remember her" thing going on when they enter (and leave) a place? Sure I'd love for people to remember how nice I was, but uh how awesome if they could also remember the pleasantry of my aroma too, right?


Yet, we read description after description of fragrances, searching for that special representation, and honestly, those descriptions are pointless when it comes to finding that perfect signature scent. So we're left with a barrage of meaningless words and the desire to find a solution with no real idea of what we want.

So how is it that we find this personal aroma that becomes associated with our presence?

Well, I'd like to tell you a few things keep in mind when looking for your signature fragrance. Oh! First, I have to tell you that this post may have a few affiliate links in it. It's just another way of saying that I may receive payment when you click on them.

Now on to it!

1. Your personal scent should be something that you're willing to smell for long periods of time, so it shouldn't make you sick or give you a headache at any time while you're wearing it.

2. When you're seeking a personal aroma and trying samples, make sure you're sampling in the crease of your elbow. This allows your body chemistry to blend well with the fragrance. Placing fragrance on your hands and wrists won't give you as clear an idea of how your body meshes with the fragrance because they're areas you'll wash frequently.

3. Give your fragrance a four hour working window. Your body's chemistry will work with the fragrance, but it will also expose to you its intricately layered notes (top, middle, and base) over time. Keep in mind that what you smell initially will change within that four hour period.

4. Don't overwhelm your olfactory bulb. Smelling to many scents at one time will completely distort your senses. You'll miss out on something beautiful if there's a sensory overload. Oh, and for the record, coffee beans aren't your answer. It's just another strong smell for the already overloaded olfactory to process.
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5. Just because a scent is popular with the crowd doesn't mean it's the best option for you. There's a world of Indie fragrances that are excellent (and overlooked) choices by the crowd. Take a look outside of the realm of popularity. Here's great place to start!

6. Reminisce on those scents that you love and see what they have in common. If you're a candle buyer, what scents do you buy? Do you love the fragrance of fresh cut magnolias? Is it something herbaceous, like basil or lemongrass? What about the fresh or aquatic scents? If you love it in home fragrance, you'll likely be drawn to it in a perfume as well.

7.  Just as a rule of thumb to start, if it's a scent you've tried before and you keep coming back to it, go with it. It's obviously a fragrance that you're drawn to.

So, if you're looking to have that "Scent of a Woman," you'll want to keep these things in mind. The process of finding a signature scent isn't always quick and on spot. Besides, taking your time to find one will keep you from spending excess money loading with perfumes you think you like only to end up selling partial bottles on eBay.

Stay lovely!

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