Decorating your home, particularly your kitchen, can be fun and rewarding, and when you're coming across great finds, it can be even more rewarding. There are so many ways to decorate your home and give it a unique touch that tells all who enter, "This is my kitchen, welcome." Finding practical yet aesthetically enhancing decorative items that don't put you out a small fortune can take time, patience, and sometimes just being in the right place at the right time. However, there are other elements of kitchen decorating that are right under your nose and can give your kitchen a wonderful element of appeal that you never thought possible, such as fake pies, breads, and other realistic looking foods. This type of decorative accessory is fast becoming popular not just for kitchen revamp and updates. Using fake food for decorating your home is more fun and exciting than you think. Best of all, if you look into its economic aspect, you will find that you can utilize decorative foods to pull off any style decor from a gorgeous and inviting rustic farmhouse kitchen to the frilly chic style dream kitchen. It's all a matter of finding what you need to create that special masterpiece.

Making Your Kitchen Yours

Home improvement can be a large part of revamping your kitchen; however, it's the interior decoration that gives a kitchen personal charm and definition. A touch of stencil on your wall or the perfect back splash will give your kitchen new life and add a bit of personality. Changing small things, such as your paint color and your tile can make your kitchen feel warm and inviting. However, before you begin to make your revamp plans it is best to know and understand why kitchen decorating is the best project for you.

Decorating your kitchen  will give you countless benefits. Since the kitchen is one of the most focal points in your house, it is more than a venue for cooking, food preparation, and dining. All of the important actions as well as quality time are spent in this salient area of the house. With this in mind, your kitchen deserves an upgrade that would make it one of your most favorite places to hang out.

Why Decorate Your Kitchen

Transforming your kitchen is both aesthetically boosting and a wise choice, economically. Hey, the true heart of your home deserves attention, right? With that, whatever your reason for renovating or redecorating your kitchen is, it's usually a decision that is made because of a personal need for a lift or a new edge that inspires, motivates, or even calms.

Here are some of the reasons why decorating your kitchen is a great idea and even what faux food can bring to the table (pun intended).

·         Aesthetics – Give your kitchen a new and refreshing look. Paint does wonders and new tile can rock a kitchen, but fake food decor could certainly boost the looks and aesthetics of your kitchen by adding a remarkable visual effect to the room, making it much more homey and bring it alive.
·         Marketing Strategy – Decorating your kitchen also means boosting the market value and selling price of your home. Most interior decorators and home stagers use fake foods for decor to create a lovely ambiance, especially in the kitchen. Homey kitchens are inviting and are good highlights of your property.
·         Functionality – Adding decors and embellishments to your kitchen could also add to its functionality. You can set up a faux dessert display, or create a French bakery case filled with faux decorative breads of all sorts.
·         Refreshing and Rewarding – Adding unique pieces of decorative food replica items to your kitchen is undoubtedly rewarding and a breath of fresh air from your daily routine. Many people make small additions to their kitchens to uplift and refresh the room. Some use shopping for the kitchen as a sense of therapy, or a way to de-stress. Fake decorative foods for home decorating is a wonderful way to decorate your home with top quality accessories without spending a fortune.

Different Elements to Create a Masterpiece Kitchen

To have a top quality kitchen design, you need not break the bank. If you want to have a masterpiece kitchen in your home, decorating your kitchen space can make all the difference. The Lettered Cottage has practical ways to spruce up your home economically.

Likewise, fake food is fast becoming a popular choice for home decor and as home gifts because it is practical, and it offers a remarkable unique flair. When you combine even just a few decorative elements and blend them together, you have the potential to create your dream kitchen:


Contemporary kitchen cabinets are no longer exclusively for storage. These are also vital decorative components in the kitchen, especially with multi-faceted cabinet ideas.

Wall Paint and Color

Your wall paint and color have a major effect on the overall aesthetics, ambiance, and look of your home. Choose wall tones that are refreshing to the eyes and complement your other kitchen décor.

 Accessories and Decors

Fake food falls under this category. Decorative accessories and ornaments for your kitchen play an important role in creating a masterpiece kitchen. Fake food decors, for instance, are great centerpieces. Best of all, you need not worry about spoiling the food or wasting your money on expensive decors since there are cheaper items available.

The Evolution of Fake Food 

Fake food decoration and props are a huge industry. You can find a wide variety of replicas for virtually all types of food you can think of. Since its first introduction in the market, faux food decorations have evolved from items made of wax to more modern materials such as silicone and latex. There is a big difference if you try to look at contemporary decorative items in this category compared to those made in the previous years.

Fake display food and decorative props are basically made from different types of materials commonly clay, plastic, latex, and silicone. The noteworthy feature of these fake foods is a result of true craftstmanship and highly meticulous and realistic molds creating great details of the items. Moreover, the items are made with top quality colors mainly using an airbrush to achieve the exact tone and shade. There are also hand-painted pieces resulting to more intricate and sophisticated finish.

Why Fake Food for Home Decorating

There are numerous perks and benefits that you could certainly enjoy if you use fake food for home decorating:

·         Cheaper and more economical
·         Wide range of fake food decors to choose from
·         Create an appetizing and attractive food display
·         Makes a unique and eye-catching centerpiece
·         Flexible home décor usable in other areas of the house other than the kitchen
·         Good decorative and visual display for business establishments as well

Different Types of Fake Food Décor

Fake food decorative items are as vast as the menus and food you can think of. You can find a wide selection of fake decorative food items to embellish your kitchen with. Here are just a few of the choices for your kitchen revamp project:

·         Coffee and Beverages
·         Desserts and Pastries
·         Fruits and Veggies
·         Bread, Cakes, and Bakery Foods
·         Sandwiches and Delis
·         Meat and Seafood
·         Sushi Trays
·         Egg and Cheese

Home decorating takes on a more exciting twist with your collection of fake food decors. It can be easy and cost effective to decorate your home, but with delectably eye catching inedible fake food embellishments in your kitchen, you can create a completely unique decor experience.

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